Science and Education - Brain Limitations and Development

There is a big part in the human brain whose functions are totally ignored. The human brain is an organ that even the scientists of our time have not completely understood, and most of the scientific information that is accepted today as true, is in fact the result of theories and speculation.

This huge part whose functions are ignored is the part that belongs to the wild side of the human conscience. This side is violent and evil because it was formed without organization. Only the human conscience is organized according to human characteristics and is civilized, as was discovered through a research made in the human psyche through dream interpretation.

The wild conscience is an animal, and it is selfish and cruel. It is in fact demoniac. This is why the human being is so cruel and violent and we observe the existence of terrorism, violence, crimes, prostitution, vandalism and many other horrors in our society and in all of human history.

The craziness accumulated in the wild side of the human conscience is immense and untameable. We must prevent this dangerous content to invade the human conscience or to eliminate its domination when it already started to destroy the human conscience after invading it.

Since this content exists and the wild conscience, which I designate the anti-conscience, is constantly trying to invade the human side, our conscience doesn't have the chance to develop as it should because this evil content is always impeding it. The wild side provokes many disturbances in the human mind and behavior when it manages to destroy a big part of the human conscience.

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